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Clients from Hell…. Hilarious! | YENI ALVAREZ – Latinallure Voiceover

Clients from Hell…. Hilarious!

dezeen_-Clients-from-Hell-2Ever have one of those days when nothing goes right and even stuff you thought was done and over with comes back with worse news….. That’s when you either stay in bed all day moping or you click to read what designers go through… which frankly, is ALWAYS worse…. and (hate to admit) makes me laugh out loud deep deep inside…

Ladies and gentlemen…. one of my favorite sites EVER:

one of their best, borrowed from their site:

I was working with a client trying to setup a new cloud account.

Client: I don’t understand why we are setting up the Google. I just want to access my files.

Me: Well, a Google Drive account will allow you to access your files.

Client: But I don’t understand how the Google works!

Me: When you make a file, you save it to your folder, and it will replicate to your cloud account automatically.

Client: I don’t understand this. I am a law student and you’re using jargon with me. Explain it in terms I understand.

Me: It takes your files from this folder and sends them to your cloud account. You don’t have to do anything at all.

Client: But HOW does it do this? Explain it in one sentence.

Me: It’s like it magically copies –

Client: Magic, got it.”


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! Magic!! That’s my explanation for everything from now on!!!!


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