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Hello voice-over world! | YENI ALVAREZ – Latinallure Voiceover

Hello voice-over world!

As difficult as it is to sum up 15 years of voice-overs, here’s my humble attempt.  I started in the entertainment biz right out of college, Florida International University to be exact.  I even missed my graduation because I’d started working at the extremely-Cuban “Teatro Martí.”  As my fellow actors were walking up to get their degree, I was half-way across town, bowing in font of a half packed theater, after a matinee performance of “Ha Entrado un Hombre Desnudo.”  How I remember that title, I’ll never know.  Director Mario Martín gave me my very first lesson in voice-overs, and I was hooked.  It was for a promo spot to get audiences to the theater.  Ahh, the goold ol’ days…

Five Miami years later, at the tender age of 26, (old by Hollywood standards), I had 3 radio commercials on the air, 2 on-camera commercials, a bi-weekly magazine TV show called “Miami Hoy,”  a TV sales gig,  a TV promo, and $75 in the bank.  It was time to move to LA.

I sold my Caddy, got a Honda, worked 3 different jobs, saved some moola and bought a one-way ticket to LA.  I called up the one friend I knew lived in LA, and, via AT&T and FedEx, signed the lease to a bachelorette apartment (or a converted maintenance closet), sight unseen.

Carlos De Yarza, the boyfriend I left behind, just happened to have a phenomenal recording studio at the time “Bayside Music” (Remember the “macarena”.. yeah..) and he put my VO demo in my hand and said, “Trust me, you’ll need this in LA).  To this day, this was the best professional gift I have ever received.

I landed in LA 1n January of 1999, picked up at the airport by an estranged ex-boyfriend (long story) and discovered I’d rented an 8′x10′ space with no kitchen.  I lived in a headshot.  All my previous reading and preparation for the big move helped to get me an agent in about a month (unheard of!).  My first audition in Los Angeles was with the greatest casting director, Blanca Valdez, for a pilot called “El Bodeguero.”  I was trembling and she made me feel at ease.  I landed a leading role and the pilot went on to become the biggest hit sitcom Telemundo ever had, “Los Beltrán.”  Dan Ramirez was the Casting Director for the second season and he recommended I contact Anna Rodriguez at SBV.  I grabbed the VO demo Carlitos made me and submitted it, fingers crossed.   My meeting with Anna at SBV turned out to be the best meeting of my life… I know I sound way too happy about this, but my VO career has been a series of happy coincidences all along, from Carlos to Blanca to Dan to my agent Anna Rodriguez!  (Wooo hoo!!)

There, in a nut shell, is how I became a VO chick.  :)

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